I'm not a fan of talking about myself, so I'd rather talk about some things that matter to me, like really matter. ​I'm a pretty down to earth guy and hubby to my beautiful wife of 18 Years. She matters to me, like really matters to me. We met when I was 20, married her by 21 and never looked back. We certainly don't have it all together but she is my H.O.M.E. I can not imagine life without her. She is an incredible Lifestyle & Portrait Photographer and sometimes we get lucky,  the stars align and she gets to be at my side, shooting as a second photographer with me on the day. When that happens, it is magical! Then there's my 2 kids. I have never been more proud of anything I have had a part to play in, than these two little humans. Being a dad has been one of the scariest, most incredible, high, low, wonderful journeys I've experienced. I am the luckiest dad in the world. They are awesome! Now for Grace, she is my pooch, my best friend and my early morning edit companion. She matters, like really really matters. It's just a little bit ridiculous how much I love that dog. ​Also this bio would be incomplete without mentioning my love for the ocean. I have a salt water heart and get just a little cranky if I haven't been in the water for more than a couple of days. My wife is normally like... "hey babe, don't you wanna go for a surf or a kite or something". That's when I know it's been too long. Getting into the ocean matters to me, it's weird but it kinda fixes me. 

There's also my love for photography, which started more than a decade ago, and I have had a passion for telling people's stories authentically through imagery ever since. There is something extremely rewarding and satisfying, in documenting momentous life moments, so that they are forever embedded in our memories. ​Then there is your wedding day. That matters, like really, really, really, freaken matters! Your wedding day is one of the most incredible things you’ll experience in this life, and it’s worth celebrating & remembering as it happens! And I get to be right in the middle of all that. I get invited to the most beautiful part of your life. I'm not gonna lie, I feel the weightiness of not stuffing it up every time, but I love it!  So, please have a browse on my site and stalk me insta or FB. If you like what you see and what you hear, flick me an email and let's talk about your day!